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Identifying Bees, Wasps, and Mimics

Time limit: 60 days

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Full course description

Although bees and wasps are closely related, there a number of key differences between these two insect groups, which can be easily overlooked by an untrained eye. This identification can become even more complicated when considering the number of insects that actually have evolved to mimic bees and wasps as a defense mechanism. As a beekeeper, or as a person interested in bees, you may find that people expect you to know about all stinging and flying insects. This short course will help you learn to distinguish between common bee and wasp groups as well as how to spot an imposter.

This short course includes the following lessons:

  1. Differentiating Bees from Wasps
  2. Common Bee Groups
  3. Common Wasp Groups
  4. Bee and Wasp Mimics

Important Information

  • Software requirements: For the best user experiece use Chrome when accessing this course. Some features in this course are not be compatible with other internet browsers. 
  • Lessons in this course overlap with lessons in the Advanced Beekeeper online course, part of the UF/IFAS Master Beekeeper Program.
  • bee-Learning Short Courses are completely self-paced, although must be completed within 60 days of registering.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion for this course via email after you have passed the final assessment and completed the course exit survey.
  • No refunds will be granted for this course after the course has been accessed.