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Honey Bee Presentations for the General Public is a Course

Honey Bee Presentations for the General Public



Full course description

This course contains two presentations that are free to download and use for anyone doing public outreach on honey bees:

  • The Buzz on Bees: An introduction to honey bees and their colonies
  • The Global Impact of Bees and Beekeepers.

Both presentations are appropriate for delivery to the general public or can serve as introductory lessons for new beekeepers. Each presentation comes with Presenter Notes that can be used as a guide for delivering your talk.

If you use these presentations, we ask that you consider reporting your outreach efforts through a short survey sent out once a year.

If you would like to learn more about how to teach various audiences and how to improve communication and public speaking skills, check out the Planning and Delivering Public Outreach short course.

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